Put Some Sparkle in your Valentines Day

Put Some Sparkle in your Valentines Day

Whether you are newlyweds or have been married for 50 years something tells me you have received candy or flowers for Valentine’s Day a few times in your life. Why would I think that? Because that is the most common gift that couples give each other year after year. This is not gender specific as I would have thought (sorry guys) we women are just as guilty. It seems both men and women are pretty unimaginative when giving gifts on sweethearts day.  Valentine’s Day is one of most predictable gift giving holidays there is. Love is supposed to be exciting and unpredictable. I hate predictability.

Long before we owned a gift basket business I decided that I wasn’t going to do the normal card and candy for this special day. So I listened to all the radio shows leading up to February 14th. I googled Valentine’s Day gifts searching for something unique. One year I did find a really cool book filled with romantic his & her surprise pages. My husband and I loved this gift. We used that book for several years. We had so much fun. You never knew until you tore open the page what was going to be inside. I think the anticipation was more exciting than anything inside the pages. This was one of the few times I found a truly unique gift.

According to Matt Petronzio “Valentine’s Day — the annual celebration of love and commercialism …Despite the pressure to find something unique and heartwarming, a recent survey from the National Retail Federation shows that the old standbys, such as candy and flowers, still hold their own in the U.S. For example, 61% of male respondents said they planned to buy flowers this year, while 50% of female respondents said they’d buy candy for their special someone’s.”

Now I can honestly say with our gift baskets you have better choices. You don’t have to do all the work yourself. We have already done it. It is easy to shake things up and get romantic. Or if that is not your style and you want to stay with the traditional candy you can at least make it a little more original. For the ladies – create a theme and combine candy with soothing bath products all favored Caramel. For your men, try a Gift Baskets of Sports they love or food with College Alma Mater teams. Make your gift a little more personal. After all, this is the love of your life.

  • Here’s an intriguing Gift Basket to look at “Heart to Heart “ This couples romance gift basket is the perfect way to start your evening of romance and love. With our Lovers Guide book, a hardcover book with over 150 pages of suggestive stories, Easy listening CD massage oil and more you’re sure to enjoy the evening. There are lots of tasty treats to munch on! This is a great gift for your man or women. Bring some sparkle back your Valentine’s Day!

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